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Congress leader escapes acid attack, FIR registered

Amritsar:Congress leader and advocate Vaneet Mahajan on Monday morning escaped an acid attack outside Gopal Mandir. The city police have registered a first information report (FIR) against two unknown persons in this regard. Talking to Daily Post, Mahajan said: “It was the fourth attack on me in a series and the assailants could not be arrested.”

He disclosed that around 8.45 am he was parking his car outside the Gopal Mandir, when two persons riding a motorcycle approached him. One of the assailants kept sitting on the motorcycle while the other carrying a bottle of acid zeroed in on him and attempted to throw acid filled bottle on him. The acid bottle hit the bonnet of the car and fell down. The liquid started emitting fumes proving that the content in the bottle was acidic and nothing else. Mahajan refused to name anyone for the attack but said that this was the fourth attack on him as previously he was fired at and once he was attacked with swords in 2014, but he had a providential escape in all these four incidents.

On persistent asking Mahajan said that he had no animosity with anyone except Cabinet Minister Anil Joshi but he could not confirm whether the attack was carried out at the behest of Joshi. “My concern is that whosoever made this attempt should be arrested and brought to book,” he said.

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