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Make City Clean and Green – Initiative Taken by Income Tax Department to plant 100 Gardens in Government and Private Schools

The greenplastic inventiveness of the Income Tax Department, Ludhiana is proving to be amassive accomplishment. The vertical gardens set up by the Income Taxdepartment at its Rishi Nagar office and Gurdwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, arenot only getting simulated in schools but also at the home environment of citizens.These vertical gardens, which help to control pollution levels in the city, arealso being installed in other government houses in cities like Amritsar. Atpresent, near around 100 vertical gardens are under development at governmentand private school in the district, a majority of which will be completed byJanuary 30. Some corporates are going to install these green gardens in theirfactories as well.

Binay K Jha - Chief Commissioner of Income Tax(CCIT) said -"This is nothing less than a big achievement for us. If weare able to inspire others around us to take up this green cause and set upthese vertical gardens, we will be successful in our assignment to confront theproblem of air pollution to a large extent. Air pollution poses threat tocities like Ludhiana."


Jha soundedhappy with the way the green campaign has managed to find its place in thedistrict."I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how people are trying todevise innovative techniques to suit their requirements to install the greengardens. A businessman, who was not able to get waste bottles of green colour,got the normal bottles painted. In another case, a person got the saplingsplanted in waste mustard oil bottles."


SS Rai, a citybusinessman, who has installed a vertical garden at his home in Parkash Nagar,is thankful to the I-T department for its green plastic initiative.


"This is awonderful project and the cost isn't much when compared to the other methodsavailable in the market to make the lawns green and beautiful. This technique,also, helps to make use of the waste plastic bottles, which otherwise we throwaway only to add to the environmental problems," he said.

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