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Bihar Defeat May Lead to Silent Rebellion in BJP Against PM, Amit Shah: Arun Shourie to NDTV

In the aftermath of the BJP's debacle in Bihar, Arun Shourie, one time admirer of Narendra Modi turned critic, says the defeat may intensify a silent rebellion against the Prime Minister and party President, Amit Shah.

"For the past one year, since the time Modi completed the first six months of his tenure, a silent movement of non-cooperation against him and Amit Shah had begun," Mr Shourie told NDTV.

Mr Shourie said that such non-cooperation had begun over what he claimed was the PM's"high-handed" style, as alleged by BJP parliamentarians."Some MP's spoke to me personally about how the PM never acknowledged them."

Senior BJP leader Vinay Sahsrabuddhe denied any such ruses among BJP MPs, saying PM Modi and Mr Shah were in constant touch with party members."The BJP has a very well laid down communication network," he said."Our PM and party president are both known for their ears to the ground. They have been meeting people, they have been listening to members of parliament, to the party karyakartas," Mr Sahsrabuddhe added.

Mr Shourie said the situation may get worse, but ruled out any chances of an open rebellion. According to him,"the average BJP MP does not have the spine to stand up but instead, he may lie down and play dead."


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