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Bihar man abandons wife, marries mother-in-law; now files for divorce

Patna: In a shocking incident, a man from Puraini village in Bihar abandoned his wife and married his mother-in-law instead.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Suraj Mahto, 22, hit the headlines in June when he abandoned his wife Lalita and married her mother, 42-year-old Asha Devi.

The affair between Mahto and Asha Devi began when the latter came to stay at Mahto’s house in Puraini, with her daughter.

After Suraj Mahto fell ill, his mother-in-law nursed him back to health. This brought the two closer and they began to talk to each other on the phone for hours, after Asha Devi had returned to her own home.

Gradually, an affair began between the two and despite Lalita’s protests, they refused to end it. Lalita’s father who worked in a factory in Delhi was also unable to persuade his wife to end the affair, the report said.

Eventually, despite the objections of villagers, Mahto and Asha Devi eloped and got married on June 1 this year in nearby Dhamdaha.

However, both have now realized their mistake and are looking for a divorce, said the report.

Gulf News reported Mahto as saying that, “I have come to realise my folly now. I admit I have committed the mistake but will never repeat in future.”

He claimed that he no longer saw Asha Devi as a wife, but as a mother.

Asha Devi is also apologetic about her actions and said that the couple have applied for divorce.

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