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Bihar woman appears for exams soon after giving birth

In a case of probably unprecedented academic zeal, a young woman from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, headed straight to the examination hall despite having a delivered a baby hardly two hours ago. It all began when Ranju Kumari started experiencing labour pains just moments before she was all set to write her Bachelor of Education (Bed) exam, reports Gulf News.

Kumari was immediately rushed to a private hospital, where she gave birth to her second child. However, the new mom was in no mood to ditch her exam and insisted on going to the examination centre in spite of objections from her doctors. By the time she had reached there, half an hour of the exam time had already passed. Moved by her amazing dedication, the centre’s superintendent Mamta Rani permitted Kumari to write her papers in the ambulance itself. She was also provided with an invigilator to monitor her.

Kumari later revealed the real reason as to why she was so adamant despite her challenging circumstances. She simply wanted to be better educated so that she could be more capable of supporting her children.

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