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Rajnath Singh on Kashmir: Will Eliminate Pak Sponsored Terrorism Soon

New Delhi- Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that Pakistan-sponsored terrorism would be brought to an end soon and the situation in Kashmir normalized.

In the wake of the ongoing turmoil in the Kashmir Valley and terror funding by Pakistan, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said that cross-border terrorism would be brought to an end soon.

He said that the government had full faith in the security forces to accomplish the task.
While addressing the media, Singh said that the situation in Kashmir would be brought under control soon.

He added that despite the fact that India was home to a sizeable Muslim population, the Islamic State had not been able to recruit people from the country."Our forces have been able to arrest a few ISIS sympathizers."


The Union Minister further assured that the security forces were working towards completely eliminating Pakistan-sponsored terror from Kashmir.

"I assure you that we will uproot Pakistan-sponsored terror from Jammu and Kashmir and establish peace there," said Singh.

He went on to say that after surgical strikes, there had been a decrease of 45 per cent in infiltration from Pakistan.

Speaking on the National Investigation Agency's probe into Pakistan's involvement in terror funding in the Valley, Singh said that the NIA was an autonomous body which was looking into the matter. He declined to comment any further on the issue.

Rajnath also highlighted the need for an integrated solution to the Kashmir issue."We want good relations, but cannot clap with one hand," Singh said about ties with Pakistan.

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