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A common trend of bunking classes

It’s commonly found from last so many years that students hate one thing to the most, that is spending long hours confined to classrooms. To avoid this, students are adopting several means to bunk or miss the classes. Students find several excuses to miss the classes. Some of us say we are not interested in some particular subjects, some say there are no classes and some others say that their friends etc. have decided to skip the classes to spend some free time to enjoy.

Bunking class is a good topic to discuss. One and only reason behind this is that students lose their interest towards the subject and sometimes towards studies also. According to the students, this happened because of teachers. But according to teachers, it’s the least interest of students towards studies which encourage them to bunk their classes.

In Ludhiana, two renowned colleges, Government College for Girls and SCD Government College for Boys are famous for its students in bunking their classes. Govt. College for Girls has a huge space in its premises and students easily get the space to hide whenever they want to bunk a class. Moreover, teachers sometimes know the fact but don’t take any action against it. There is a tree in the college premises which was named as “Bunking Tree” from past many years by the students and still the name is same, as the students used to sit under the tree when they bunk their classes.

Another College, SCD Government College for Boys is famous for the food courts outside the college which make the students choose hanging out there by not going to the college and attend the classes. During the college timings, many of the students can be seen in the ground, open theatre or outside the college. The college road is famous for it’s food items and the students usually choose to spend time to have it by not getting bored in classes. The SCD students can be easily found outside the college than in the classrooms. Despite of knowing this fact, the teachers are also not initiating to put the students on right path by attending classes.

It’s not only theses two colleges in the city but many of other colleges as well are also going through the same issue.

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