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HeroCorp’s JMD Showcase his other Talent – Singing

When a reputed and a successful man dosomething out of his league, it becomes news. It becomes even more glorifiedwhen it is being done at an even that attracts a lot of people, or readers toremain update about the latest happenings in the corporate world. That’s auniversal truth and no one can deny that.

HeroCorp Joint Managing Director (JMD),and son of Brij Mohan Lall MunjaL, Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal came back to his hometown – Ludhiana, and felt great to be there. It’s not every day that Mr. Kantfinds time from his highly busy schedule to revisit his hometown and revive allthose memories that has been a part of his life, or has helped him in shapingthe man that he’s today.

He was welcomed atSankritam Samagam Programme in Park Plaza, Ludhiana, where not only he markedhis benign presence and rejuvenated the entre environment, but also sang songsfrom 70’s melodies that warmed a lot of hearts, and got a lot of appreciationto showcasing his singing talent.

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