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Love is nothing but need and marriage a waste of money: Salman Khan

Mumbai:After a lukewarm response to his latest release ‘Tubelight’, Salman Khan, in a tell-all interview, shares his views on the institution of marriage and the meaning of love in his dictionary.

While the whole nation is eagerly waiting for him to tie the knot and settle down in life, the superstar is far from commitment. When asked about his idea of marriage, Salman blatantly said, “Now, say if someone comes and asks me something straight up, like this whole marriage shit. They're really not interested, you know that. They just want to chhapo that marriage thingy. That pisses me off. For me, I think marriage is a waste of money!”

Not just marriage but the ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ star does not even hold the emotion of love in high regard. He explains, “I don't believe in love at all. I don't think there's any reason for the word 'love' to exist. The word is 'need'. It depends on whose need is more. Or who you might need at some point. But she may not need you at all. This can also turn the other way round when you don't need her sometimes. So, basically, the need has got to be equal at all times. Which may or may not happen.”

But one thing that he firmly believes in is companionship. He said, “Then there is companionship, habit - that you've been together for so long - emotional connect, or the fact that both of you have flaws but you're aware of the larger picture, and that you're happy together. But 'love' is, essentially, need.”

The actor, who is said to have undergone major transformation in terms of behaviour and temperament, feels he is still the same person. “I'm the same person. I still sit in rickshaws, walk, cycle; in fact, I just cycled here. There was, at one point in time, for whatever reason, a lot of negativity around me. I don't know what I did to deserve that negativity. And I never spoke about it. Later on, things automatically started clearing out. Till today, I'm told I'm the most misunderstood person there is. It's been 30 years that I've been here. How can I be misunderstood? If I'm indeed the most misunderstood still, then I might be the same person (that people think I am).”

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