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Ludhiana Multiplexes Under Heavy Security for Release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Film ‘PADMAAVAT’

On Wednesday 24th January 2018, the premierof Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film Padmaavat has successfully screened in Ludhianatheaters and multiplexes despite of several protests in divergent fragments ofthe state. The protestors who were in the support of Karni Sena on Tuesday toosaid that they will not let the film released in Ludhiana but with the help ofPolice Force the premier had been successfully screened in Ludhiana theatersand multiplexes.

The premier was held at Cinepolis Cinemas MBD NeopolisMall, PVR Pavilion Mall, PVR Flamez Mall, PVR Silver Arc Mall, SolitaireCinemas, SRS Cinemas at Omaxe Mall and Wave Cinemas at Westend Mall, and theticket cost was Rs.180 per ticket to Rs.450 fluctuating as per the venue. Duringthe premier sufficient police force was arranged exterior to every single venue.

Ashwani Kapoor - Deputy Commissioner of Police,Ludhiana said – “There must be some chances of misfortune in the city as movieis going to release worldwide on Thursday. We have taken safety measure and atleast five robs have been positioned outside each location screening the film.The security will continue to be arrayed at least till the weekend. All themultiplexes which held premiere shows today were also given security. So, now peoplecan watch film without any fear”

A source from PVR cinemas said - “Despite ofthe intimidations and disputes going around the film we have received a greatresponse. Though, mostly youth were visiting the multiplexes than families. Aprivate security has been hired by us and police too has set up some force. Asmovie is now released, advance booking is also in pace as people initially werenot undertaking bookings due to the un-asurity of the film release. 

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