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Bigger bubbles better for your champagne

Champagne has always been the unanimous favourite when it comes to toasting a festival or a special occasion. A study has now shown that your special celebration champagne can taste better, when your drink has bigger bubbles in it. This study has bust the long-standing myth that a steady stream of smaller bubbles in a glass of the bubbly drink was actually a sign of a good drink.

The study, published in the European Physical Journal Special Topics says that the bubbles should ideally be 1.7 millimetres for better taste. “This result undermines the popular belief that the smaller the bubbles, the better the champagne,” said lead researcher Gérard Liger-Belair, a physicist at the University of Reims according to The Guardian. “Small bubbles were the worst in term of aroma release.”

The study involved using high-speed photography to see what exactly happens to a champagne bubble. It showed that these bubbles form regular hexagonal pattern on the surface before bursting. As it bursts, it shoots a tiny amount of champagne in the air, where it evaporates and gives off the aroma. The sweetest bubble burst was 1.7 mm in diameter.

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