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Man blames vegan diet for erectile dysfunction

Suffering from erectile dysfunction can lead to many problems with their partners and many men hope they do not have it early. While it occurs due to a variety of reasons, food is not among them. However, a man claims that switching to a vegan diet actually made him suffer from erectile dysfunction.

According to a report in the Express, the man wrote about how he had read that turning vegan could help with erectile dysfunction. However, he had turned vegan a while back and he realised that he actually suffered from erectile dysfunction, a problem that he never had before. It was surprising because that was the only significant change in his lifestyle since then.

An online doctor from Push Doctor, Dr. Adam Simon says that most people think that because of the lack of zinc in the diet many men do not get an erection. However Simon adds that while it isn’t all that true, there are plenty of vegan-based foods that have zinc like chickpeas, peanuts, kidney beans and various other seeds too.

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