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Say Oreo to cheese


For the crust: Ingredients
225 gm Oreo cookies (powdered fine)
75 gm unsalted butter

l Melt butter into a pan, don’t let it boil. Take off fire, toss in powdered biscuits. Stir well and turn into a greased 12” pie dish. Press down firmly to form a smooth crust on the base and sides, refrigerate.

For the filling: Ingredients
1 cup fresh cream (whip till stiff peaks form, refrigerate)
1 cup powdered sugar
600 gm cream cheese
200 gm Oreo cookies, broken

Add powdered sugar to cream cheese, beat till smooth. Fold in whipped cream. Fold in broken cookies. Turn into prepared pie crust and refrigerate for atleast four hours.

To decorate
Drizzle with some chocolate sauce and sprinkle with grated chocolate. You can also pipe in some cream swirls and add any left over cookies.

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