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A Speech on 'Hepatocellular Cancer' by Dr. Satdarshan (Paul) Singh Monga

On Wednesday, 07thFeb, a speech on ‘Hepatocellular Cancer’ was given by Dr. Satdarshan (Paul)Singh Monga from Pittsburgh Liver Research Centre, USA at Dayanand MedicalCollege and Hospital, Ludhiana. The speech was basically for DMCH doctors andfaculty members.


While addressingin the meet, Dr. Satdarshan who had also completed his MBBS from DMCH and alsoan alumni member too said – “'Hepatocellular Cancer' is one of the main originsof liver cancer and after a worldwide research, it has been found as the sixthmost common cancer. In the major growing countries, 'Hepatocellular Cancer' isincreasing rapidly on a large scale. The major cause of this cancer isconsumption of heavy alcohol and the other causes are obesity and infection ofviral hepatitis.”


New improvementsin the treatment of Hepatocellular cancer has created major outcomes.Even though thepatient infected with 'Hepatocellular Cancer' has numerous treatment possibilitiesbut it depends on the patient also to cope up with the side effects of thetreatment and stay healthy by embracing good life-style.

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