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Carrying heavy school bags may result in poor health

Ludhiana: Most of the schools are not abiding the court orders of reducing the weight of school bags of children. Most of the students are often seen carrying heavy school bags which made their walk in inclined shape due to heavy weight. This is a major trouble for good health of children. Despite the orders of High Court, most of the schools are not abiding the rules though students are carrying the heavy bags which are totally affecting their health. The students at a very young age are now-a-days suffering from health troubles like back ache, disc problem, survical pain and other chronic pains. According to the court orders, the prescribed weight of school bags from class Ito VIII is between 1,800 to 3,425 grams. But the students of these classes are carrying a heavy load through their school bags.

According to a city teacher, Manjinder Kaur, who teaches Economics in a renowned city school said, “Kids are given proper time table by their class teachers, so that they cannot suffer because of heavy weight of bags. But it’s their own duty to follow the time table and carry only necessary books, which they are not doing. Parents are also responsible for such issues, as they are not taking care of such matters, which results in poor health of their own kids at small age. So parents should be more responsible regarding the matter.”

Parents believed that schools should now follow the e-book system, which can lessen the burden of students or they can also think something convenient for the children, so that they can get rid from such heavy weight to avoid the health issues among students in early ages. This will also help children to become smarter and active which is a need of time presently.

An expert from CMC Hospital, Dr Navjot said, “The heavy weight of school bags imbalance the transmission of body weight. This affects the growth of kids. We are getting more cases of adolescence age students who are suffering from chronic back or muscle problems. To stop this, schools should provide the books through projectors or smart classes, which can lessen the load of school bags by bringing fewer books in it.”

Children from different city schools, on requesting anonymity said, “Already we are having a huge burden of studies in their life due to the competitive era. Along with it, the health issues because of heavy weight of school bags are affecting us very much. We are very depressed by managing both the problems at the same time.

We have requested the school authorities so many times to allot few books and follow e-book system but no one took our problems seriously.”

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