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Free cardiac check-up camp held at Butahari

Ludhiana: Hero DMC Heart Institute organised a mega Heart check camp on Sunday at Butahari village Gurudwara Sahib in association with Nishkaam Seva Society of Butahari village (Ludhiana). Chief Cardiologist Dr G S Wander of Hero DMC Heart Institute along with Dr Rohit Tandon and Dr Suraj examined the patients.

Around 350 patients were examined during the camp. Along with the required medical advice, free BP, RBS and ECG was done and free medicine has given to all the patients who had come to get free medical check-up in the camp. Team of Hypertension Department of Hero DMC heart institute was also present in the camp as Hypertension also known as High Blood Pressure is common ailment among people of different age groups. The main reason for prevalence of this disease is sedentary life style and intake of junk food. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can damage your heart in a number of ways and it is necessary to adopt preventive measures prescribed by qualified doctors to prevent hypertension. A dietary counseling was also done during the camp and patients were advised to follow prescribed diet routine to keep their heart healthy. The organisers of camp including Manjit Singh (Secretary Nishkaam Seva Society) thanked the team of doctors and technicians from HDHI who participated in the camp.

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