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Punjab Cardiac Surgeon chosen to deliver talk at prestigious National Conference

Thestate of Punjab was bestowed an honour when one of its doctors – Dr HarinderSingh Bedi – was specially invited to deliver a talk at the APICON 2017 – thelargest conference of Physicians of India. Dr Bedi is the Chairman of Cardiac Sciences at the Ludhiana Mediwayshospital in Ludhiana and is one of thesenior most practising cardio-vascular surgeons of India. He is the only cardiacsurgeon from Punjab to have been invited to deliver the talk .

DrBedi is a pioneer in Cardio Vascular Surgery having worked previously at the StVincents Hospital and the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in SydneyAustralia and the Escorts Heart Institute Delhi . He is credited with special mention in theLimca Book of World Records thrice . He is an innovator of some special techniques whichhave made heart and vascular surgerysafer  - specifically in beating heartsurgery and arterial bypass surgery . He is a member of the prestigious Societyof Thoracic Surgeons USA and the New York Academy of Sciences .

DrBedi spoke on Pulmonary Embolism and its treatment . According to Dr Bedi,pulmonary embolism (PE) is a potentially fatal disease which is very oftenmissed . Pulmonary embolism has a veryrapid and deadly progress unless detected and treated in time. In this disease a large blood clot gets stuckin the lung vessels leading to lack of oxygen and  damage to the heart.  It is estimated that over a lakh people diedue to PE each year – this is the equivalent of the disappearance of a city thesize of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Dr Bedi told that the obese and elderlyare at greater risk of PE after any major surgery, while women who takebirth-control pills are 10 times more likely to develop blood clots . Longdistance flights are another risk factor . Those taking multiple flights over ashort period of time are also at a higher risk. This is because the risk of PEdoes not go away completely after a flight is over, and the risk remainselevated for about four weeks. It is interesting to note that the famous tennisplayer – Serena Williams  - suffered fromthe same condition some time back . Even the research of World HealthOrganisation on PE  shows that the riskdoubles after travel lasting for over two hours. The study of the WHO ResearchInto Global Hazards of Travel (WRIGHT) project, which was conducted byscientists from Britain, Switzerland and Netherlands, said the risk ofdeveloping blood clots and PE  during anyform of travel longer than four hours was one case for every 15 fully-bookedjumbo jets.

Thetreatment is a judicious combination of medicine and intervention in the formof a special method of dissolving the clot using catheters to reach the clot todeliver the medicine directly, or a major surgery to remove the clot . Both aresuccessful if performed in time .

DrBedi was invited as he has a fairly large experience of treating this diseasewhich requires the highest level of infrastructure and trained personnel to betackled successfully. Time is of the essence and a 24 hour available team isimportant if such cases are to be salvaged . The audience included a largenumber of physicians from all over India and some from abroad . A livelyinteraction followed the talk.

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