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A Sigh of Relief for Traders& Manufacturers as E-Way Bill Postponed for Intrastate Transactions

On Tuesday, a notice received from State Excise and TaxationDepartment in which they said that e-way bill system on interstate transactionswill be postponed by two months and will come into effect as per schedule onFebruary 1. After releasing this notification, traders and manufacturers ofPunjab took a sigh of relief. Also, they said that any volunteer who stillwants to continue with this e-way bill, they happily could do so.


Vaibhav Sehgal – member of United Cycle and PartsManufacturers Association said -"We completely respect the decision takenby the department but we appeal to both state and center to either exempt theintrastate transactions from e-way bill system or increase the exemption limit toRs. 5,00,000 from Rs. 50,000."


CA andtax professional Rajeev Sharma said that the e-way bill though has beenpostponed but entrepreneurs should be aware of the fact that they will berequiredto comply with the system if goodscross the state borders. On the other hand, a common trader is still feelingconfined with the other trading rules and regulations.

HPS Ghotra (Joint Director of Investigation -Excise and Taxation Department) said -"E-way bill system will be trolledout in Punjab from February 1 for intrastate transactions, but no e-way billwill be required for two months on intrastate transactions. There will be no amendmentin the exemption limit for the e-way bill system.”

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