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An VII Passed Civilian Managed to Fool Police Officials for Getting selected as an IPS Officer

Rupinder Singh, a residentof Indra Colony apparently managed to fool police officials by enteringCommissionerate office in IPS uniform alongwith two gunmen and saying that he is an IPSofficer of the Uttar Pradeshcadre. Hespent substantial time with the officials and relished thehospitality of the Ludhiana Commissionerate. He too received the wishes and gotsalute from the junior staff of Commissionerate office when he lied that he hasgot selected as an IPS officer but the next day police came to know that he wasa fraud and lodged an FIR against him at the Salem Tabri police station.


Rupinder, who is an VII passed civilianhave possession of a gift gallery on Pakhowal road. On 09th Feb, thefraud along with his two gunmen visited the CPRC branch of the Commissionerateoffice in police uniform carrying three stars. He was reportedly familiar withmany of the officials posted at the Commissionerate as he had been frequentlyvisiting them. An official said – “During Friday’s visit, Rupinder told us thathe had got selected for an IPS officer for which we congratulated him andclicked photographs with him. As we already knew him due to his earlier visitsand he even had distributed laddoos four months back for clearing his IPS examand this time he visited with two gunmen which he got from Salem Tabri PoliceStation for security purpose, so we trusted him for the same.”


“Thedoubt came into our mind when we noticed that there were three stars on hisuniform. It is not possible to have a three-starred rank within four months ofbecoming an IPS officer. Generally, it takes an officer three years to get thatrank. Then we informed the Police Commissioner who asked ADCP Surendra Lamba toverify, following which an FIR was registered against him on Sunday,” apoliceman said.


ADCPSurendra Lamba said that it was strange that a fraud managed to enter theCommissionerate building in uniform along with gunmen and spent time withofficials. Efforts are on to seize him.

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