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Health Department Will De-Worm Kids on February 12

The Health Department will be observing De-worming day onFebruary 12 and targets to de-worm nearly 9.5 lakh kids on this day.


Dr. HS Ghai, a civil surgeon, said, good health was also veryimportant and keeping this in view the department will be de-worming the kidson February 12 by giving de-worming tablets, Albendazole.


He further said it was necessary to regularly de-worm kids asit can affect their health. Children are more at risk of getting infected byworms. If left untreated, the worms can spread the infection throughout thebody. The worms are parasites which feed off the host’s body and eventuallyresult in malnutrition, affecting the growth of the child.


Dr. Jasbir Singh, District ImmunizationOfficer, said, kids in the age group of two to 19 years will be given thetablets and all private and government schools will be visited on this day.

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