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Vardhaman Block Inauguration Ceremony in Government Primary School – Invited CM Amrinder Singh Didn’t Bother to Come

The prominent brand in textile industriesVardhaman Textiles had taken an initiative under Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) to construct a block in the government primary school,Giaspura, the inauguration of which was scheduled on Monday. On the occasion, anumber of entrepreneurs of the city included textile, cycle and many otherswere invited.


A special invitation was given to Punjab ChiefMinister Captain Amarinder Singh on the inaugural ceremony of this newlyconstructed ‘Vardhaman Block’ of Government Primary School Giaspura but hedid not come on the event instead the Finance Minister Manpreet Badal arrived atthe last minute and informed that CM would not be there.


The businessmen who came to meet the CM werenot much amazed as they were little sure that the CM will not reach on theinaugural ceremony. One of the industrialist said – “Since becoming CM, hehardly bothered to visit Ludhiana except visiting the day when the plasticfactory collapsed at Suffian Chowk killing 16 persons. Also, he had notapprehended a single meeting with Ludhiana industrialists. In past too, therehad been several times when the CM was invited on numerous occasions but hefailed to come. This time we were surprised how he agreed to come to inauguratea school building block.”


Earlier, on September 6, Captain AmarinderSingh was invited to place foundation stone of countless projects in Ludhianabut at the last moment Local Bodies Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu was sent. On 16thJanuary he was reserved to inaugurate the NRIs literary conference at GGNKhalsa College but again it was Sidhu who turned up instead of him.


On November23, he visited Namdhari sectheadquarters at Bhaini Sahib in district but didn’t concerned to come to thecity.

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