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Post Swacch Bharat Survey, garbage paints city dirty

Jalandhar:Post Swacch Bharat Survey conducted by the Ministry of Urban Development, Jalandhar is back to its old days of filth and garbage again.

The survey was conducted by Quality Council of India to check cleanliness in the city keeping in mind cleanliness, lifting of garbage, solid waste management and even distribution of dustbins.

However, no sooner the survey concluded, garbage overflowing from Jalandhar Municipal Corporation garbage bins and openly scattered filth on the roadsides painted the city dirty.

Jalandhar was recently included under Smart City list, after which efforts were being made at war footing level to improve and streamline the basic facilities. Interestingly, ever since the Swach Bharat survey started, the MC authorities had directed the Sanitary Inspectors, Health officers, Supervisors and other civic body staff to ensure 24X7 cleanliness of the city.

Residents claimed that till the team remained in Jalandhar, the city wore a clean look while garbage was lifted well on time. “Now that the survey was over and the Quality Council of India team also left, the city wore a dirty look. At most of the places, garbage was either overflowing from the dustins or it was not being lifted”, said residents of Bhargo Camp.

The residents from Partap Bagh also pointed out that when Swach Bharat survey was going on, garbage was being lifted early in the morning. “However, now garbage was not being lifted till later half of the day. Such surveys were mere eyewash, if efforts were to be made to make presence felt in front of the government officials”, they said.

As if this was not enough, residents also maintained that Swach Bharat campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi would fail to bear any fruit, if the survey was just meant to earn brownie points.

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