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Fat on hips is caused by bone mass, finds study

Hyderabad: Hip bone mass in women in united Andhra Pradesh was found to be relatively higher than men, resulting in more fat depositing on the lower parts of the body, according to a study carried out from 2009 to 2012. The study which tracked 2,130 men and women calculated their fat mass and bone mass and the different mechanical and biological effects.

The study found that women had relatively higher fat mass as compared to men. There was an association between the hip bone mineral density and fat mass in women which in pre-menopause stage was 0.025 and in post menopause stage 0.045. In men, the association of hip bone density and fat mass was found to be only 0.001.

Dr G. Srinivas, senior general surgeon, said the hip bone density and fat around the hips was usually found in women after child birth due to hormonal and structural changes.

“Once the process is over and the body has to get back to normal, women have metabolic changes and there are also lifestyle issues involved wherein the physical activity is reduced. Lack of exercise and more of sitting leads to accumulation of fat around the hips and often lower portion of the body,” he said.

Men who have sedentary jobs are found to suffer from severe abdominal obesity rather than heaviness of the hip structure or lower limbs, said Dr K.S. Shanker, senior endocrinologist.

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