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Here's how men can also achieve multiple orgasms

Both men and women having an orgasm during sex is said to shape a healthy relationship with equal pleasure. But while women can have multiple orgasms, a recovery time of at least half an hour after ejaculation doesn’t leave scope for the same for men, but is that all there is to it?

Experts suggest that there is a chance for men to have multiple orgasms, and this is possible because all male orgasms need not be ejaculatory in nature. While it might happen accidentally, multiple orgasms can be ensured by keeping certain things in mind.

Checking testosterone levels and staying away from depression, weight gain and lack of mental clarity can actually ensure that men have a good chance of multiple orgasms apart from ejaculation too. Secondly strengthening pelvic floor muscles can also help as it enables men to control responses.

Contracting pelvic floor muscles right after orgasm can help men stop ejaculation an orgasm more before finally ejaculating. Changing positions can also help with this process.

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