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These Doctors’ Prescribe Cycling for a Healthier and a Happy Life.

Ludhiana: Doctor’s prescription is followed most religiously and this group of renowned doctors of the city feel that Cycling is the best way to a healthy life. A group of four doctors including Doctor Bishav Mohan, Sameer Kaura, Rajnish Garg and Pankaj Mahindra have a common thread that binds them together and it is their love for cycling. 

Professor of Cardiology at DMC Hero Heart Center Bishav Mohan who is known for his devotion towards his profession is now a days cycling with his fellow doctors. “I have been going to the hospital also on bicycle but these days we have all come together as a group and we are exploring the best of Ludhiana in our daily rides. Cycling is a very good exercise even better than gyming as it can be enjoyed in the lap of nature which has a very positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. I would suggest that Cycling should be adopted by all the residents for a healthy living and a pollution free city as well,” said Bishav Mohan.

Another member of the group a well-known maxillofacial surgeon, Doctor Sameer Kaura informed that the awareness for a healthy life has increased and people now a days are giving a lot of importance to daily exercising. “I feel that Cycling is one such activity that gives you a lot of enjoyment as well. We are enjoying our rides alongside Sidhwan Canal these days towards the village Issewal side. Cycling alongside the canal and fields is such a refreshing experience. I would suggest that Cycling should be made compulsory and steps should be taken by the government also for the promotion of cycling,” said Kaura. 

However both Doctor Rajnish Garg and Doctor Pankaj Mahindra who are Orthopedic Surgeons at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital informed that they are of the considerate opinion that Cycling is very good for joints especially Knees. They informed that people who are overweight should prefer cycling than other activities that put pressure on their knees. “I advise cycling to ninety percent of my patients. People with knee pain should take to cycling as it cures the pain. There is a very less stress on the knees especially in the outdoor cycling. Cycling improves the nutrition of the cartilage of the knees (commonly understood as grease),” added Garg.

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