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Cracking Board Exams in an easy way

Ludhiana: City students, now-a-days are getting alert and more active due to the upcoming of the Board Examinations. As the days are passing, exams are coming closer and the tension among students to get more marks in the examinations is enhancing. To do hard work is the simplest and easiest mantra for the students who are going to appear for the Boards but hard work is not enough in such a competitive era. Each and every subject has its own important and going through all the subjects honestly will definitely help those who are appearing for the Boards. Here are the important factors which students must keep in their mind while preparing themselves for the examinations.

Go through the curriculum properly: Follow your class lessons properly to cover your syllabus in a systematic manner. The class lessons are probably the first introduction of the topics to you. After coming home, revise whatever is taught in the class, as the topics will be still fresh in mind. In case of confusion, clarify with your teacher the next day.

Learn and solve all the questions with dedication: Try and solve the questions at the end of each topic and also solve the last ten years’ papers. If you are stuck, make sure you have it resolved by the next day at the maximum. Take help from teachers and seniors, as needed.

Make separate notes for each and every subject: Jot down important notes and formulae that you come across during your studies. This will help before the exams as you can just grab the subject notebook and revise the portions you want.

Highlight all the important points: Highlight important points and formulae on textbooks and reference books to locate them easily. Revise the points as and when you get time.

Plan the timetable: Chalk out a time table for Board exams preparation and allocate ample time for each subject. Choose the time that you think is best for study. It can be early in the morning or late at night. Do not allow distractions to mar your studies. Select a study space that you feel is most suitable and convenient.

Know your strengths and weaknesses: Sharpen your strengths but do not ignore your weaknesses. Concentrate more to improve on them. Take guidance from your teachers.

Revise the syllabus twice: Do not study anything new or from a new book right before exams, as you may get confused. Revise what you have studied and glance at important notes and formulae. Make notes of important formulae and keep them handy so that you can take a look at them as an when you want. Make a weekly revision plan once you have completed the entire syllabus.

Remain fit: Eat healthy and take ample rest. Make sure you are also spending some time playing and re-energizing yourself so get refresh yourself from learning and studying.

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