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Man Died in fight with the neighbours over parking

A 52-year old man Munish Kumar lost his life over a fightwith neighbours on Sunday late evening. The fight was about the parking disputeas the guests came on neighbour’s house had wrongly parked their car in frontof the gate of Munish Kumar. Victim’s family and relatives are looking for astrict action again accused.

It all started when on Sunday 07 Jan, Munish kumar returnedhome from his tea stall near samrala chowk and was unable to park his motorcycledue to the car parked in front of his house. When he asked the neighbours toremove their vehicle, they came out and started an argument. Meanwhile Munishkumar’s son Himanshu came out and he found his father thrashed on the ground.Somehow, he managed to take his father inside to avoid any mis-happening.

After sometime, Munish kumar complained of some uneasiness followingof which family took him to the nearest hospital ‘Shri Rama Charitable Hospital’form where he was referred to Civil Hospital.

On the way, Munish Kumar’s health got worst as confirmed by Himanshuand later in the Ludhiana Civil Hospital, he died.

Victim’s family have undertaken a dharna on the road nearKundan Vidya Mandir School, appealing for justice. The family has claimed thatMunish Kumar has died due to some internal injury during the smash, on thecontrary doctors have confirmed that Munish Kumar has died of Cardiac Arrest.

Police is undertaking the investigation and said that theywill take suitable action against the accused.

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