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Parents thinking twice before buying toys for kids as prices soar, GST to blame

Ludhiana, 01 Aug 2017 - Toys are a luxury post the imposition of Goods and Services Tax (GST) as the prices of both battery-operated toys and board games have gone up.

Parents are giving a second thought before buying toys for their kids now.

Ashish Aggarwal from Aggarwal Toys at Aggar Nagar said toys have become a luxury item now. On battery-operated toys, there is 18 per cent GST, while on board games, GST levied is 12 per cent.
“Earlier, if a person used to buy a gift of Rs500, he used to buy extra toys to be given as gifts and return gifts. But now, the same toys have become costlier so the customers are now compromising and buying toys that are cheap. The overall scenario has affected the sales,” said Aggarwal.

Monika, a 6-year-old’s mother, said last year she celebrated her son’s birthday and went to buy return gifts. “The return gifts which I bought last year for Rs100 have become costly by at least Rs40-50. These are exceeding my budget. So, I preferred buying chocolates instead of return gifts this time,” she said.

Karan Singhania, another parent went through the similar ordeal while buying gifts for his daughter. “I generally buy educative toys for my daughter after every month or so. This time, when I went to buy toys, I realised that the prices have gone up. So, instead of buying two, I only bought a board puzzle game for my daughter,” he said.

Suresh Gambhir, another toy shop owner at Model Town, said GST had impacted sales.

“Battery-operated toys have actually gone costly and people are giving a second thought before buying these toys, which are considered a luxury. May be after a few months, people will get used to it. But at present, the sales have been hit.

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