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Student thrashed for non-payment of school fees

Ludhiana:After the heart touching case of student Atharva, another case of harassing a student has come forward on Tuesday. Gaganpreet Singh, a student of UKG of Indian Public School, Lohara has been brutally thrashed by the school authorities as his parents failed to pay his fees on time. Considering these two incidents, it seems that private schools of the city must learn a lesson of dealing with innocent students.

Manwinder Singh Giaspura (President of Fight for Justice Committee) stated that this child was not only badly thrashed rather he was given a strict punishment to stand in the corridors for the whole day. Marks on his body are easily visible and one can see how badly this innocent kid was beaten. It shows the carelessness of school towards its students who are considered as assets of one’s institution. After the whole incident student is in big shock and his parents have tried to make him feel comfortable. “We have sent a copy of complaint to Daba Police Station regarding this whole incident; Medical Legal Report (MLR) of Singh is also presented before the police authorities and we hope for the positive results soon”, he added. On asking his father named Kulwant Singh he claimed, “We are unable to pay the fees of only one month and concerned authority has brutally thrashed our child that shows that there is no humanity left in school staff. If something happens wrong then who is responsible? This incident raises a question mark on the management of the school. I send my son to school daily but this time his class teacher has thrashed him very badly resulting in body marks on his body. After that the Director of school has also beaten him. When I visited school to pick up my ward he was unconscious and was not in a state to talk.”

Defending his side, Surinder Kumar Garg, Director of Indian Public School said, “Parents have raised false allegations against me. They have not even paid the school fees of LKG class. We have installed CCTV cameras in school premises and if there is something wrong then we can check it also. We are responsible and committed towards the safety of children.” Despite repeating attempts, police officials at Daba Police Station were not available for any comments.

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