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Students outsource their practical work

Ludhiana:Board exams are approaching near and many CBSE affiliated schools in city have already started with their practical exams. The students opted for various streams for their practical exams have to prepare their practical files including the subjects like fine arts, geography, economics, physical education and many others. But instead of making files on their own, they are rushing towards stationary shops and those people who are indulged in the business of making copies and files are earning a good amount.

These practical notebooks are basically for the students to have a deep knowledge about their subject, knowing its practical ways with illustrations, graphs, drawings etc. But large number of students have got their files prepared from outside. Not only this, students are even paying a huge amount for the file decoration as well.

Manisha Khurana a parent of a student studying in XII standard said, “Making practical files is not very tough and students can take the help of others for preparing their files. But it’s really wrong to fully dependent on others for file preparing. Even many children are paying huge amount for a single file. These files are of no use if children are not preparing on their own. Files are for their benefit and they should prepare on their own.”

Ankita Sharma a student from Humanities said, “I am having three courses in which I have to prepare the files and these files take a lot of time to prepare and managing the course work along with school and tuitions is tough so getting these files done from outside is the only option we are left with.”

Swati a youngster who is making these files said, “Earlier students come to me for drawing sheets only but today they want their whole practical files to be completed and that too in one day.”

It’s time when parents and teachers should look into this matter as there is no use of such practical files which are fully prepared from outside.

Rate per sheet

Earlier Rs 7

Now Rs 15

Fine arts sheet

Earlier Rs 100

Now Rs 150

Decorating: Rs 250-800

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