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Cong, AAP running away from public debates: T P S

Mohali: SAD candidate from Mohali constituency T P S Sidhu said that Congress and AAP candidates are avoiding public debates on development issues of Mohali city. It is pertinent to mention that Capt T P S Sidhu has challenged Congress Candidate Balbir Sidhu and AAP candidate Narinder Shergill over development issues a few days back.

While interacting with public in election rallies, Sidhu alleged that Congress and AAP candidates have no courage to come for open live public debate as they are speechless over the development made by SAD and BJP government in Mohali for the last 10 years. “Balbir Sidhu must tell people what Congress regime has given to Mohali in their decade’s long rule?” Capt Sidhu said raising the question.

“AAP candidate Narinder Shergill is not at all ‘Aam Aadmi as he is millionaire from ‘Kurali. An outsider can never understand the local issues of Mohali.” he added. He appealed to residents not to get impressed by fake and false promises made by Congress and AAP candidates in election rallies.

Sidhu further said that live debate is not only an issue with the candidates only, but even the residents of the city are in favour of the live debate and are demanding the same on the issue of development of the city and future plans of the candidates regarding the development of Mohali.

Mohali is an urban constituency as more than 60 per cent voters are living in the Mohali town and rest 40 per cent population lives in villages. “Voters are intelligent now. They can distinguish between concrete development and propaganda politics,” he said.

Today, elections are not on false promises and baseless talk. Now voters are more aware and they want real development not mere big words. It’s the right of every citizen to ask for a debate on real hot issue of development.

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