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Property tax to be abolished in Mohali, says Balbir Sidhu

Mohali: Congress candidate Balbir Sidhu during his poll campaign in Phase 7 promised that if the Congress government came to power, it would abolish house and property taxes in Mohali. The residents are under undue financial pressure, besides mental harassment, due to these taxes. “Keeping this in mind, we will abolish these taxes.”

Sidhu said that the Amarinder Singh government had given top preference for the development of Mohali. It was in fact a matter of great pride for Mohali to get district status under the Congress government.

Sidhu promised that after the formation of a Congress government, all problems of Mohali would be solved within six months.

The local bus service would be started in Mohali. All efforts would be made to set up an international-level basic infrastructure in Mohali.

“Implementing need-based policy in Mohali will also be our main agenda so that residents of the town can expand their houses as per their requirements.”

Later addressing a poll rally at Bhagomajra village, Sidhu said, “Today our state is being seen as an example of misrule and depravity. The Congress after coming to power will redeem the lost honour of Punjab.

“We will not tolerate any compromise on our social honours. We will start programmes to bring our youth back into the mainstream who, at present, are destroying their lives by becoming addict to drugs,” Sidhu said.

Creating ample employment opportunities to youth in the state would be the prime focus of the Congress government. “For this we will try to revive the industrial growth which has been missing for the past one decade,” maintained Sidhu.

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