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Student company to build, market ‘Cool-e’ carrier

Mohali: The commerce students of Learning Paths School, Mohali under their ongoing initiative ‘t ‘ Transforming classrooms for 21-century learners’ launched their first student company, Helper’s Hague JA Student Company.

The Company will manufacture and market a Load-lifter or carrier named as ‘Cool-e’ a unique product on its own which is specially designed for the labour force of unorganized sector to carry and transport heavy load.

The company will be manufacturing ‘Cool-e’ designed for the labour force of unorganised sector to carry and transport heavy load.

Under the program, participating students learn important entrepreneurial skills while they create their own student company and operate it through an entire business cycle be it business plans through organization setup and operations or liquidation.

A student ‘Board of Directors’, which are involved in ‘incorporation’ documents and maintain their books of accounts too, oversees the companies. They manufacture and market real products, raise “capital” and generate “real” profits (or losses) with the support and mentoring of a wide range of professionals. The purpose of this program is to provide students with real-life industry experience to a large extent while staying within academics and age group limits.

Venkat Matoory, CEO JA India and Senior Director, India Enterprise Network, JA Worldwide who on the occasion shared life examples of transforming dreams of many students into reality by providing them such platform to experiment and follow their passion will supervise the event. On the occasion, he also exercised participants’ thought on building ‘present day student ‘into resilient future professional. While emphasizing on the traditional value of commitment and dedication, he drew attention to emerging flexibility and present day Industry offers.

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