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Voters considering ‘face value’ of candidates: T P S Sidhu

Mohali: SAD candidate from Mohali Capt T P S Sidhu during his election campaign stated that with demonetisation the face of elections in Punjab is changing. Many leaders who used to plan and base their poll campaign on money and alcohol are finding it difficult to cope up with the changing times and voters are now evaluating the candidates on the basis of their performance and their future plans for their respective constituencies.

“It’s a matter of fact that this time a unique trend is witnessed during the assembly polls in Punjab, specially the constituencies where urban pollution is more that the voters are more or less taking into consideration the face value of the candidates along with the party lines,” Sidhu said.

He further said that this trend is witnessed particularly in Mohali Assembly constituency where 60 per cent voters are living in Mohali city and 40 per cent voters are living in villages. With better education and more involvement of youth in election scene, voters are seen shunning the candidates who distribute and promote alcohol and other sort of intoxicants.

He claimed that people have started rallying around the candidates with clean image and good education.It’s evident that this time voters are moving beyond fundamentalist religious thinking while chasing the candidates. With the education standards and ratio going up, Punjab is going towards selecting more progressive and development-oriented government.

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