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Intense cold hinders election campaigning

Patiala:The ongoing cold conditions have added into the woes of political parties. The parties are finding it difficult to rope in workers who can work overtime in nail bitting cold. As a result door to door campaign of various party is receiving lukewarm response.

The candidates on the condition of anonymity informed Daily Post here that the frequent changing weather conditions have been a huge cause of concern for them.

They said that because of the intense cold conditions and rain has disturbed their poll campaign drastically. They have to reschedule their timings and areas they need to visit beforehand.

Even the concept of nukkad meetings is not gathering momentum either as people refrain from coming out from their houses.

As the number of parties have increased manifold in Punjab, finding a trusted and loyal worker has become hard. The candidates added that because of the unemployment, youngsters are demanding high amount of money as daily wage.

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