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Prof gets full salary without doing any work

Patiala: A Dalit Dr Gurjant Singh, a professor in the Punjabi Department of the Punjabi University is getting full salary for the last one year but has been assigned no work. His is the case of full salary for no work.Though ready to work but a group of the teachers opposed to him, have forced the Head of the Department not to allot any teaching work to him. The Vice-Chancellor, Dean Academics and other officials of the University have been apprised of the situation but to no avail.

The professor was transferred back to his parent department of Punjabi after a stint serving with the Department of Languages and Encyclopaedia.

The faculty in Punjabi Department went on strike in protest against Dr Gurjant Singh’s repatriation to his parent department. The Dalit teacher was much senior to some others, who were now opposed to him. Narrating his woes, Dr Gurjant Singh said that on February 4, 2016 he was transferred on the orders of the VC. A former Head of the Punjabi Department, Dr Rajinderpal Singh Brar said that as the teacher was a Dalit, he was being opposed by the general category teachers.

The Dean Academics, Dr Gurnam Singh said that now as the matter had been brought to his notice, he would take action.

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