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Will field candidates in Telangana too, says Pawan Kalyan

Hyderabad: Jana Sena chief and actor Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday announced that his party will field candidates in the 2019 general elections in both the Telugu states.

Speaking to the media after launching his party’s website on its third anniversary, Mr Kalyan said that his brother K. Chiranjeevi wouldn’t be joining the Jana Sena as their ideologies were different.

Regarding political alliances, he said that the party’s leadership would discuss this after its structure is set up. “Jana Sena would allot more than 60 per cent of seats to the youth. I will contest from Anantapur,” Mr Kalyan said.

He said that people of both the Telugu states were waiting for “a youthful leadership” as the existing and ruling parties have ditched them on all fronts.

The actor-politician said that coming to power was not the main agenda of his party, rather, clean politics without the influence of money and resolution of people’s problems were the top priorities of the Jana Sena. 

He said that the Jana Sena would always fight for the wellbeing of the people, irrespective of the outcome of elections. Mr Kalyan said that he was searching for a proper young leader who has the people’s confidence.

He said that it was not correct to criticise the TD government in AP and added that the policies and programmes of the government were not reaching the people properly. 

He said that the Jana Sena would be quite selective when admitting senior leaders into the party. Mr Kalyan also disclosed that he would be touring TS soon.

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