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Africans Arrested for Smuggling Drugs in Ludhiana

10Africans were arrested for apparently smuggling drugs into the district fromlast eight months.

Theycame from African countries and almost all of them are living in Delhi. Accordingto data with Ludhiana police commissionerate, the suspects were not drugaristocrats, they were working as mules and got a fee of 2-3 lakhs fordelivering every single consignment.


OnJanuary 25, Khanna police took a 23-year-old woman under arrest who had beenliving in Palam Mahvir Enclave, New Delhi and came to Ludhiana to supply drugs.Thewoman was identified as Cadra Leo from Nigeria who was caught with 1kg heroinat a check post near Doraha canal. Two days before Leo's arrest, a woman fromUganda, Rozet Namotebi, was caught near Jagraon with 1.5kg heroin covered in a deadfish. Her co-accused, Mikel Chritian of Nigeria, was arrested from Delhi andpolice detained 0.5kg heroin from his rented room in Dakha.


Policeofficials who are doing investigation on these cases of drug smuggling said thatthe mules first supply the narcotics to a local contact person and then thatperson further supply the drugs to his customers. A Khanna police official saidthe major reasons behind the African People getting lured to smuggle drugs arethe poverty. Most of the Africans are not financially strong and in order toearn money, they got attracted towards these crimes. Also, many of them come toIndia on study and tourist visa basis, but got easily exploited as they are notaware of harsh laws on drug trade in India.

GursharanSingh (DIG – Ludhiana) said – “We are trying to recognize the instigators whouse the Africans as agents.”

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