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Due to the Uneasy Weather Conditions Trains Cancelled& Rescheduled

Travelersare facing lots of harassment in travelling as the major trains have beenrescheduled and some are cancelled due to an uneasy weather in the state. Severaltrains are running behind the scheduled timing. As confirmed by the Railway Administration12 trains have been cancelled in which two pairs of intercity express trains(on Amritsar-Ludhiana-New Delhi section) are involved. Apart from thisdeparture time of 13 lengthy way trains has been rescheduled.

Passengerstravelling within Punjab and to New Delhi will have to face a lot of trouble asthe intercity express train is obsolete and the other ones like 12037 NewDelhi-Ludhiana Shatabdi Express, 12029 Shatabdi Express and 12497 Shan-e-Punjabare running late by approximately three hours.


Thedetails of the train cancelled for the day are:

ü 12408 (Amritsar-Newjalpaiguri Karambhoomi Express)

ü 12459/60 (NewDelhi-Amritsar-New Delhi Intercity Express)

ü 13152 (Jamu-Kolkata SealdahExpress)

ü 14649 (Jaynagar-Amritsar SaryuYamuna Express)

ü 14674 (Amritsar-JaynagarShaheed Express)

ü 14681/82 (New Delhi-Jalandhar-NewDelhi Intercity Express)

ü 15209/10 (Saharsa-Amritsar-SaharsaJansewa Express)

ü 15212 (Amritsar-Darbhanga JannayakExpress)


SpecialTrain to Katra

For the devotees who want to go to Mata VaishnoDevi, a special train will run on 25th January.


§ The train (04001)will depart from Delhi Jn at 09:10pm on 25th January and reach MataVaishno Devi Katra at 12:10pm on Friday, 26th January.

§ The return train(04002) will depart from Mata Vaishno Devi Katra at 07:30pm on 27thJanuary and reach to Delhi the very next day.


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