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Flames Completely Destroyed Medicines Cost Crores – No Casualty Found

On Monday, 29th January, a medicine godown on R KRoad, near Cheema Chowk Ludhiana caught up in flames resulting in a huge loss. Fortunately,no casualty found except of the stock and property loss.

The incident took place near around 4am when Bee kayEnterprises (Pharma) on R K Road all of a sudden caught fire. Vijay, a factoryworker who lives with his family on the top floor of the godown came to knowabout the fire, somehow managed to come out of the factory with his wife,brother and a six-month old infant with the help of a pipe onto the roof of anadjacent building. He then informed the factory owner Gauri Nandan Bansal andthe fire brigade. The fire officials reach the spot at 4:25am and starteddousing the flames, but till then the flames had trapped the entire floors ofthe godown.

Near around 10 fire officials were present at the spot who weresuccessful to control the fire approximately after 12 hours of struggle andseveral rounds of water arrangements. The flames had almost damaged the entiregodown and medicines worth crores. Sub-fire office Gurinder Singh said thatthey have not found the exact cause of fire but the job to douse the fire isstill going on. Also, there were no security measures in the godown.

Gauri Nandan Bansal (owner) said – “The fire has damaged theentire stock of medicine and caused a loss of almost 20 crores. We supplymedicines of different firms to diversified parts of the state.”

As confirmed by Assistant Divisional Fire Officer BhupinderSingh, the investigation will be done on the cause of fire.

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