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Good Result is an Obligation for the Teachers to get Growths

The state education minister Aruna Chaudhary along withthe education department has taken some strict action if it’s about theexamination results of PSEB students. She declared that the government schoolteachers who failed to convey decent results and make student achieve goodpercentage will not be applicable for the increments this year. Their growthsand increments will totally be dependent on the final examinations of PSEB.

Basically, Paramjit Singh (Director PublicInstructions) had raised the issue last week that the government teachers who hadnot given their best in the last year examinations should not get annualincrements and when they were asked why they failed to do so, they did not haveany appropriate answer. In the memo sent by her in the education department,name of 26 teachers from different government schools were given whichcomprised of 15 mathematics teachers, 6 science teachers, 2 English, 2 socialstudies and 1 Punjabi teacher whose increments had been stopped. InSeptember’17, these particular teachers were issued a notice too in which theyhad to give explanations on why students had scored less than 20% marks in theimportant subjects like Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies.

The education minister in her statement said -"This time, the department would be stricter with the teachers asincrement of all teachers who fail to deliver good results, would bestopped."

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