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NRIs to campaign for AAP during December: Jaskirat Kaur

Ferozepur: Ahead of 2017 Assembly elections in Punjab, hundreds of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) settled in Canada have started taking keener interest in Punjab politics and will visit Punjab during December on tourist visit to support Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) – the third leading party in the state after Congress and SAD/BJP.

Added here, overseas Sikhs and Punjabis emerge as key influencers and they constitute an estimated 12 million of India's 25 million population overseas. They are prominent in the US, UK, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. And, of course, Canada now has four Sikh cabinet ministers — when even India has none. 

The overseas Sikh and Punjabi community invests in their home state through philanthropic and business ventures and also in real estate. Social ties through marriages and festivals are also magnets for the overseas Punjabis, with large numbers of them travelling to their native state during the winter vacations in December-January. This is the reason that a huge political event of state election early next year, is generating a lot of interest in the community overseas.

NRIs were deeply pained to see Punjab suffering because of the lopsided policies of the Akali Dal-BJP government.  The AAP leaders claimed that there’s a tremendous NRI support for AAP in Punjab and they have realised that the traditional political parties only push their own selfish agendas.  The policies of these parties are anti-development as well as anti-people and this is the reason that they are pinning their hopes on AAP.

AAP is newly created third front in the nation led by Arvind Kejriwal who joined the politics to change the corrupt system in a democratic set up.  He first won the Delhi in majority and ruled for only 49 days as Chief Minister and resigned.  He again won with the majority of 67 seats out of 70 and become the Chief Minister of Delhi- the capital of India when the Bhartiya Janata Party – BJP is ruling the nation led by Narendera Modi who belongs to Gujarat.

This was disclosed by Jaskirat Kaur, President AAP in Canada who is in India on tourist visa and campaigning for AAP alongwith Bhagwant Mann, MP from Sangrur, during her visit to Ferozepur to attend the Punjab-Inqlab Rally in support of Narinder Singh Sandha, AAP candidate from Ferozepur City.

Presently, the Ferozepur City is occupied by Congress Party leader Parminder Singh Pinky.

Jaskirat Kaur said, the NRIs during their visit to Punjab will create awareness among the people of Punjab about their rights and the policies of AAP.

In view of NRIs vital role in Punjab polls due in 2017, the Congress and SAD too are tapping their sources on the foreign lands to strongly counter the AAP in the coming elections.


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