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Pak rangers scared as India installs 350 feet high pole

Amritsar: The installation of 350 feet high flag pole on Attari border by India has left the Pakistan government scared. The Indian flag upon this pole, the highest in the country, however, is scheduled to be hoisted on Sunday. According to sources, a hydraulic crane, specially requisitioned from New Delhi, had to be pressed into service to carry this heavyweight pole on Friday evening.

Hundreds of labourers were engaged to make the pole in a standing position. After this pole had been installed, officers from Pakistani Rangers are learnt to have ‘approached’ their Indian counterparts. Pak Rangers, however, were of the opinion that India might have installed two high-frequency close circuit television (CCTV) cameras upon the top of this pole, which would provide a detailed account of activities that were taking place within a radius of 8 to 10 kilometres in Pakistan’s territory round the clock.

The Pakistani Rangers, however, felt a sigh of relief when the officers of Indian para military forces informed that the tri-colour is to be hoisted on this pole. They also made it clear to Pak Rangers that no CCTV camera is going to be installed over this pole, but an emergency light would be installed on the top of this pole so that the air traffic could be aware of the installation of this pole and any untoward air tragedy could be averted.

Sources, however, said that this assurance from the officers of Indian para-military troops could not be digested well by Pak Rangers because after this development even, an officer of Pakistan Ranger took a full size photograph of the standing pole.

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