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Punjab polls: Higher turnout likely to help Akalis

Ludhiana: It is a well-know fact in the country’s electoral trend that a higher voting per centage is mostly an indication of a strong anti-incumbency, often leading to a change of party in power.

However, Punjab has consistently defied this political trend and the situation here is completely opposite from that of the rest of the country. Interestingly, in Punjab, it is a drop in voting per centage that often leads to a change of regime while higher voting per centage helps the ruling dispensation retain power. Keeping in view this strange but interesting political trend which is unique only to Punjab, the Akali Dal is hoping that the polling turnout increases again this time. Sources said deputy CM and Akali Dal chief Sukhbir Singh Badal has directed his party cadre to ensure that Punjab witnesses a record breaking turnout on the polling day.

“We feel that the voting per centre this time will be around 80 per cent as against 78.57 during last elections because we feel in Punjab, higher turnout will help the Akali Dal. So we are specially targeting the first time voter to come out and vote in large numbers,’’ said a local Akali leader.

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