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Sub Inspector (Khanna) Found Drunk on Duty – Suspended by SSP (Khanna)

Harwinder Singh,Sub Inspector, Khanna who recently had posted as a traffic in-charge fromJaunary20, 2018 had been suspended by Navjot Singh - SSP, Khanna on Saturdaynight as he found drunk on duty. 


On 27thJan, 2018 near around 09:30 pm, Harwinder Singh was going back to his home fromduty.

On the midwaysome people started arguing with him and beating him up. The people were identifiedas Kala - a car bazaar business owner, his father and some of his friends. Inthe incident Harwinder got serious injuries and his vehicle too had broken upby the accused. He then called his senior officers for help and later the DSPand the SHO of the city reached the location and saved him from the gang.


Police officialssaid – “Sub Inspector Harwinder who was apparently drunk, had an intense disputewith a group over a minor subject on the road outside a marriage palace inModel Town. They said the group was soon united by around 50 more people whowas present at the marriage. The argument turned bitter and they started attackingvehicle of Harwinder with stones and bricks.”


As confirmed bythe civil hospital doctors, Harwinder Singh was drunk at that moment. KhannaSSP Navjot Singh had suspended him in order to consume alcohol during the dutytime.

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