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Two Unknown Criminals Tried to Threaten Nephew of Ex Deputy Mayor

RishabhGarg, nephew of Ex Deputy Mayor was robbed by two criminals at Gol Market,Jamalpur.

Theincident happened on Saturday Night when Rishabh Garg, a resident of Phase 2,Urban Estate Jamalpur, Ludhiana with two of his friends Avinash and Abhinav hadgone to Gol Market area of Jamalpur to have some food. He parked his car in themarket and placed order for burgers. When they were waiting for the delivery offood, two men came and started fighting with them. When they asked about thematter then those unknown criminals said that they had knockout their car whiletaking turn.


Rishabhsaid – “The criminals pointed out gun towards us and forcefully asked to moveout of the car. When we did so, they pushed us and took away my car.”


MotiNagar police has filed a complaint against the accused and started enquiry. 

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