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BCCI wants administrator for Hyderabad IPL

Hyderabad: The BCCI on Tuesday urged the Hyderabad High Court to appoint an administrator to supervise IPL matches in Hyderabad scheduled from April this year.

A division bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Ramesh Ranganathan and Justice Shameem Akhter was hearing a PIL by M. Govinda Reddy, an advocate of the city seeking to direct the Hyderabad Cricket Association to implement the recommendation of Justice Lodha Committee. Counsel for the BCCI urged the bench for appointment of the administrator.

The bench told Priyadarsan Reddy, counsel or the BCCI, to file an affidavit for appointment of the administrator. Counsel, while explaining the role of the HCA in conducting IPL matches, told the court that the HCA will get `60 lakh for each match and it will have to bear all the extra cost.

Mir Masood Khan, counsel for Bharat Cricket Club, submitted that there were doubts now as to who was representing the HCA in view of the rival claims by various factions over the management of HCA.

The bench reminded that the BCCI observer made serious and damaging remarks against the current management in his recent report. B. Vijaysen Reddy, counsel for HCA functionary John Manoj,  said that the BCCI was unnecessarily raking the issue of complimentary passes

Mr Khan told the bench that its decision not to disturb the current management during the recent Indo-Bangladesh match was being wrongly propagated by some of the members of the current management as an endorsement by the HC.

The bench made it clear that this was not its intention but it cannot go about clarifying this to everyone. The bench adjourned the case to Monday.

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