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Cycling is a passion for this 62 Years Old Young Man

Ludhiana: People are left amazed to see this sixty two years old businessman Ashok Jain (Pinky) when they see himriding one cycle and taking the other along. And this second cycle is taken along by him for motivating people to take to cycling by offering them a ride on this spare cycle. People sometimes take cycle from him and return the cycle only when they have bought a won for themselves but he does not mind as he simply loves cycling


A resident of Krishna Nagar he is popularly known amongst the cyclists as ‘Pinky Uncle’ or ‘Chacha Jee’. Attesting to his passion for Cycling he has Six Cycles all of different companies and styles. These cycles are not only for his use but for lending it to other people so that they can experience the fun in this great activity which is a panacea for good health.


Punjab Agricultural university as he himself says is heaven in Ludhiana and"blessed are those who are actually taking its advantage coming here in the morning and evening," says Pinky.


Getting up early in the morning he is out for cycling and can be seen waving his hands and greeting his numerous friends of all ages on the way. “I used to go for a morning walk and I have not missed by routine even once. For over 30 years now since I was going to the University and most of the people coming for daily exercise were known to me All are my friends, we cycle here, we walk do Yoga and make merriment. Now after having joined Ludhiana Cycling Club I have explored various Cycling routes in and around Ludhiana and we keep organizing various cycling rides," he said. 


However such is his love for cycling and commitment that he gives a wakeup call to people in the morning and takes them along for cycling. “I do not believe that things are owned by someone and thus giving my cycle or things to others does not bother me at all and I simply love this sharing of cycle and my time as well,” he said. 


There are many such people of different age groups who have started cycling after being motivated by him for doing so but his journey goes on as every day he is on a look out for a new person who can be motivated for cycling. 


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