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No lack of motivation in team: Sunil Chhetri

Bengaluru: It’s been a tough season for Bengaluru FC. There is no escaping that fact. But even in the midst of the biggest crisis the club has faced, Sunil Chhetri has continued to receive laurels for his performance.

While goals haven’t been as free flowing as before for the captain, there is no denying the effort and heart on display from his end.

Often waging a lone war on the opposition, Chhetri, on Monday, stressed that he and his side will approach the AFC Cup in the same way as they did last season.
One game at a time.

“When we started last year, we didn’t know we would reach the final. We took one game at a time and we will do this same this time as well. We want to continue our momentum in the competition,” said Chhetri.

With the team struggling to convert draws into wins, the Indian international was quick to reveal that it was their inability to convert chances that had cost them dear.

“If we don’t convert our chances, we won’t win. It’s that simple. There is not a single game apart from the East Bengal one where we were dominated. Every other game we were dominant,” he revealed. “This is a fresh start though and a new tournament. There is no lack of motivation in the team at all,” he signed off.

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