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Principal of SCD Government College Under Pressure to Sign MoU

A private cricket coaching centre has demanded to hire the ground of SCDGovernment College for the players to do cricket practice and asked the collegeprincipal to do a rental contract for three years but the college authorities,alumni association and students are not happy with the decision. They said thatthe significance of sports wing will become extinct if there will be no ground.Sportsperson need the ground for basic fitness and practice. It has been heardthat the college principal is being forced to sign the MoU and a pressure isbeing made by senior officers of the higher education department.


On Tuesday, the alumni association sent a memo to education ministerAruna Chaudhary in which they shared the accomplishments of students indifferent sports games. They said that the sports ground where the students ofphysical education and different sports wings practice, can’t be rented out andalso they requested her to oblige their plea.


Vijay Asdhir (Executive member of association) said,"I have aword with alumni regarding this including former Union Minister Manohar SinghGill and J&K Governor NN Vohra. We will give our best possible efforts tosave the ground. This college has made many national as well as internationalplayers and if we let the ground rented, it will be injustice tostudents."


Davinder Deep Singh, BA III-year student and National-level volleyballplayer who belongs to Ludhiana and took admission under sports quota said thattheir future us based on government’s decision. Anil Kumar, BA I-year studentand National-level handball player said that the decision of giving the collegeground on rent will really affect the player’s performance as there areapproximate 700 students who used to practice in the ground.


In this concern, Principal Dharam Singh Sandhu said,"Thecollege has been approached to sign the MoU, however we are not in favor of itas it will have an emotional impact on our aspirant players." 

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